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Field of view affects the speed of initial target acquisition, target transitions, and re-acquisition. I moved the scope once to a different rifle during the season but otherwise havent needed to adjust the scope as it has held zero perfectly. I did a box test and this scope tracks perfectly. Durability, durability is where the Kahles K16i excels over the competition. The scope owner loved the scope and was very concerned about the problem. At the 2014 Crimson Trace M3GI (shot completely in the dark from 9pm to 4am) the adjustable rheostat was invaluable as I used the very lowest settings for stages without much light and higher settings to keep my reticle from washing out under the high. He had inherited the scope from a relative.  It should be noted that Kahles also has other reticles available. Warranty/Customer Service, should you manage to break your scope, Kahles USA has a limited lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing defects in the optic. A solution of 50 hydrogen peroxide and 50 white vinegar reacts with lead and eats any lead  in your barrel within 2-3 minutes. . Field of view also dictates how much magnification you can use on farther targets. The zoom ring is smooth and has a throw lever built into the ring.  It should be noted that the field of view is usable to the edges of the glass and that there is no distortion or fishbowl effect as you move the scope. It was determined that the scope would need to be sent to Austria for repairs, but the shipping and the warranty repairs handling costs would be handled by Kahles USA (HPS) with no cost to the owner. .

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Additionally, this reticle is an improvement over the Swarovski BRT reticle because the holdover mil hash marks are smaller and dont cover up the target like the footballs in the BRT reticle do on small long-range targets.  The glass, field of view, illumination, and reliability are the best in the world and set the standard that all other optics are judged. In 2014, I had a top 3 finish at the MGM Ironman 3 Gun Championship in the scoped tactical division and used the Kahles K16i. It is difficult to shoot what you cant see, especially when you are trying to do it fast. I zero my scope at 150 yards and based on my loads, the mil hash marks then line up perfectly for my elevation holds to 500 yards. . In my opinion, good equipment is an investment that, in the long run, will pay off. While anonymously browsing the Kahles Optics booth this last year at the shot Show, I overheard an interesting conversation. The fine adjustments for brightness are nice because you can dial in exactly what you need based on what the lighting conditions dictate. The K16i uses a premium graded reticle which is superior to standard reticles commonly being used in other scopes. As a sister company to Swarovski Optik, Kahles and Swarovski share technology and some trade secrets but reside in different factories, in different geographic locations, and have different management. The Kahles 1-624 K16i SM1 is, in my opinion, the new king of the Multi-Gun Optic world. This case had a split in it so it needed to be discarded anyway.

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When I first got the scope I was disappointed that it had a built-in throw lever as Ive always preferred to add my own. However, after having used the scope for over six months as my primary optic, I like the built-in throw lever as it never comes loose, is unobtrusive, and saves you the purchase price of an aftermarket throw lever. Kahles K16i 1-624, 2014 King of the Multi-Gun Optic world. It is so handy to have a spare battery right on the scope should it be needed. Patch out the excess solvent and you are done.